Dyson DC56 Cordless Vacuum Review

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When you open the Dyson DC56 Cordless Vacuum box, you’ll find three main parts: The handheld vacuum, pole, and mop head. A mounting attachment also comes with the package so you can easily rest the machine on the wall when you’re done cleaning.Dyson DC56

Once a week I pull out the canister vacuum to clean the floors of pet hair, dust, and whatever errant debris tumbleweeding across our floors that I hunt down. Then I pull out a sponge mop to wash off all the surface dirt and oils which can’t be removed by suction alone, occasionally hand wiping corners and edges.A tool that can vacuum before and after wiping the floor could be a time-saver for small messes, so I was anxious to see how well it works.

The Dyson Hard DC56 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is engineered for hard floor cleaning. Using dual vacuum suction Channels and a wet wipe, it removes both dirt and grime in a single action.Dyson DC56 features a lithium-ion battery that will deliver up to 15 minutes of fade free performance – in that it will not slowly lose power, instead alerting you when the battery is nearly dead for you to put it in recharge. Supported by the Dyson digital motor V2, which is small, strong and efficient, the machine can be able to spin up to three times faster than conventional motors, enabling powerful constan suction.

Dyson DC56 VacuumDyson Hard Vacuum & Hard Floor Cleaning Tool DC56

  • Cordless and designed for floor to ceiling cleaning – one machine for two jobs – vacuums dirt and wipes grime
  • Powered by the Dyson digital motor V2
  • Root Cyclone™ technology
  • Double-edged cleaner head can be removed and converts to a handheld vacuum that can be used with crevice and combination tool for up top, down below, hard-to-reach places
  • Trigger bin emptying system – press a button to empty; bin holds 0.35 liters of dust and grime
  • Fade-free lithium-ion battery delivers 15 minutes of charge, or 6 minutes on high
  • Energy Star qualified battery charger
  • Durable ABS polycarbonate
  • Reinforced wand; made from aluminum
  • Lightweight at 4.7 lbs (2.15 kg)
  • Includes wall-mountable docking station
  • Low profile head to clean under furniture
  • Vacuum before and after wet wipe (9 wet wipes for hard floor are included); two different wipes available for purchase – Hard Floor and Wood Nourishing; wipes compatible with readily available industry standard sized wipes
  • 2 Year parts and labor warranty

Dyson DC56 CordlessGood:It’s easy but not very powerful, ok for very light work in very small places.It will become your hard floor’s best friend. Easy to use and features the signature Dyson engineering. Wet Wipes don’t leave behind a film on your hardwood floors. Becomes a Handheld vac by using the crevice tool.The Dyson DC56 has a strong motor so you can to do housework faster and leaner. This saves your time to do other works or relax.

Bad: Pricey. Not a necessity to own but certainly comes in handy. Taller folks may find the Dyson Hard’s stick isn’t tall enough for them.The Dyson DC56 is quite heavy and battery doesn’t last long.

Dyson Comparison Table

Dyson DC35 Digital Slim DC44 Animal DC56 Hard
Suitable on Floor Types Hard Floors
Cleanerhead Width 8.25 in 8.25 in 8.25 in
Suction Power 28/65 a/w 28/65 a/w 28/65 a/w
Product Weight 4.9 lbs 4.9 lbs 4.9 lbs
Product Bin Capacity 0.09 gal 0.09 gal 0.09 gal
Battery Type Li-ion Nickel Manganese Cobalt/Li-ion Li-ion
Battery Run Time 15 mins (6 on boost) 20 minutes (8 on boost) 15 mins (6 on boost)
Battery Charge Time 3.5 hours 5.5 hours 3.5 hours
Docking Station
Product Tools Included Combination tool, Crevice tool Mini motorized tool, Combination tool, Crevice tool 3 starter packs of Hard floor wipes (9 wipes in total), Combination tool, Crevice tool
Product Warranty 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years

Read reviews of Dyson DC56 Hard Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Cleaner. Get an everyday discount price on Dyson DC56 Hard Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum.

  • I waited for months for this to come out and it was well worth it. This is the easiest, sturdiest product like this I’ve ever owned. It cleans everything easily including the baseboards and AC Vents. It picks up the dog hair and every crumb that my two children under 4 drop on the all tile floors!! I’ve used it to vacuum out the car seats and quickly mop up a spilled cup of milk!! I love this DYSON!!!! Thank you for making my life easier!!! I use it daily between full mopping of the floors to keep them shinny and the dirt off so I can walk barefoot and not feel sand on the bottoms of my feet. It’s amazing!!!
  •  This works really well in most instances but is a little too awkward in small spaces i.e. bathroom, in those instances a Swiffer still works best. Swiffer cloths the dry & wet also work well as a refill for dusting and wet for mopping with the DC56. The Dyson Hard DC56 works very well in my kitchen and on my hardwood floors and saves me a lot of time and effort because it sweeps and mops in one swoop. The suction is pretty darn good. I was skeptical at first but it does a really good job. I always clean out the floor attachment tracks with a disinfectant wipe after I’m finished to clean any residue that is left after sucking the dirt and crumbs off the floor.
  • This is my second dyson product. I also have the dyson animal canister vac which I love. I bought this because we have a lot of hard wood floors, a dog, and two cats. This product picks up the pet hair nicely along with grass and other small particles.

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